Emanuelle Mottley, Impactree Ambassador for Emory University

Impactree Launches at Emory University

Emanuelle Mottley, Impactree Ambassador for Emory University
Emanuelle Mottley, Impactree Campus Ambassador at Emory University

As part of our Get Out the Vote initiative on college campuses, we’re excited to announce the launch of our Impactree campus group at Emory University. Leading the charge at Emory is our Campus Ambassador, Emanuelle Mottley. We asked Emanuelle what made her so passionate about being a Impactree Ambassador, and she shared her mission to encourage voter participation and political discussion:

“The upcoming 2020 election is a pivotal election in American history. Being a Campus Ambassador with VotePlus 10 allows me the opportunity to guide others to act in this crucial election. The future of America’s democracy is in jeopardy and the very tenets of what makes it the land of the free are being questioned. I want to be able to encourage people to vote, to discuss politics, and to know the importance of this election in the history of American politics.”

Emanuelle Mottley
Junior, Emory University
Latin American Caribbean Studies Major

The Impactree team continues to work toward the goals outlined in our Get Out the Vote Initiative. By the 2020 General Election, we aim to turn at least 250,000 students into registered, committed voters. This is no easy task, and we need your help to do it. 

If you’re an Emory student, join Emory’s Impactree group now to help your campus and Emanuelle reach the goal of 500 committed voters in the group!

Do you attend a different campus? Maybe there is already an ambassador at your school. Reach out to them and ask what you can do to help recruit your peers and make voting a staple of the college experience!

If you’re a student interested in becoming an ambassador at your campus, submit an Ambassador Application. We offer a competitive base pay, bonuses, and opportunities for advancement. 

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