Triana Arnold James and Impactree Promote Action!

Triana Arnold James, a veteran, politician and advocate, is partnering with Impactree to promote action within Georgia. Currently, she is running to represent District 30 in the Georgia State Senate. Impactree is excited to work with Triana to help take action and promote a variety of initiatives related to human rights

Prior to her career in politics, Triana served in the United States Army and won the Mrs. Georgia Pageant in 2015. Over the course of her career, Triana was exposed to many different situations that urged her to enter the political stage. She began to advocate for issues that the average citizen would care about and support. This encouraged her to create a goal to make the government effective and efficient for everyone.

Triana’s campaign is currently using the Impactree’s group toolkit to expand their voting base and encourage civic action in Georgia to gain momentum before the August 11, 2020 primary. You can commit to voting for Triana on her action page!

In addition to supporting Triana’s campaign, you can sign a variety of different petitions to spark change. For example, Triana is backing the Petition to End the War on Black People, hosted by Color of Change. This petition brings attention to the disproportionate amount of police violence directed onto Black Americans, and urges congress to take action to Color of Change in the United States. To learn more, and to make your voice heard in seconds, click the action below.

Triana also believes in the power of young voices in reforming the country, and encourages all students to vote. She understands that the reason many students are not voting is because of the lack of knowledge within the voting system. She wants to connect her young supporters with When We All Vote, a national initiative co-founded by Michelle Obama. When We All Vote gives students the tools they need to develop voter outreach campaigns at their schools. Triana hopes that this will alleviate the fear and uncertainty that many students feel toward voting.

When asked why she chose to elevate her campaign using Impactree, Triana responded:

“In everything I do, whether it’s a rally, a protest or a meeting, I love giving people ‘homework’ – a call to act. So when I was first introduced to Impactree, I was extremely excited. My excitement came from having a direct link to calls to action. Everything is in one place and it’s effective. I am able to send voters directly to my website to take actions together.”

Triana Arnold James

If you would like to learn more about Triana’s actions, join her campaign network on Impactree. If you don’t have an account, just click on one of the actions above. Not a Georgia resident? No problem. Triana’s campaign has actions that anyone across the country can complete. You can also boost her campaign by sharing her actions on social media, and following her on Facebook and Twitter.

Want to learn more about Triana Arnold James’ campaign? Make sure to visit her website:

Learn more about other campaigns that have utilized Impactree to amplify their reach: Maya Dillard-Smith, Joe Kennedy III, Bennie J. Smith

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