Impactree for Mission Driven Organizations

The Power of Community

Empower your network to support your mission and amplify impact through collective action

Make it easy for your supporters to take action, share tools, and support your mission.  Start seeing more donations, more volunteering, and more social sharing!

Manage Your Impact

  • Track real-time engagement and long-term impact
  • Create campaigns and unique calls to action
  • Effectively target messaging across touch points
  • Reward network with recognition and prizes
  • Activate and expand your network

Features of Impactree


What if your stakeholders could advance your mission with three actions right now, straight from their phones? With Impactree they can.


Completion tracking makes taking action fun and measurable, while networks and leaderboards provide opportunities to celebrate progress.


Measure real-time and long-term impact metrics to track your activation efforts and report on your organization's achievements.

Impactree Mobile View


Through Impactree, community members discover curated content to support their favorite causes, and watch their impact grow.


Actions are designed to make it as easy as possible for your supporters to understand, complete and share them.


The best gift your supporters can give is not only taking action themselves; it's also telling others to take action with them to further your mission and reach.

What our partners are saying about Impactree

"With Impactree, in a few clicks, our chapter members easily engage and take 100s of unique and powerful actions in minutes."
Tristan Miller
Vice Chair, Climate Reality Project OC
"Impactree eliminated the barrier of time and being in-person for civic engagement by fostering online advocacy and civic awareness on social matters."
Rochelle Smarr
Director of Service Learning and Civic Engagement, CSUSM
"Impactree is a great tool for individuals interested in the EVP to move up and across the ladder of engagement and encourage their like-minded friends to join them."
Shannon Seigal
Organizing Director, Environmental Voter Project

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