Promote Peace in Ukraine

Actions we can take in the United States to help support peace, safety, and self-determination for the Ukrainian people.
Actions that everyone in the United States can take to help support peace, safety, and self-determination in Ukraine.

Photo credit: Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune, Ukrainians march in Minneapolis to support homeland

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has dominated the homepages of most mainstream news outlets, many of which have a live news feed dedicated to the ongoing military invasion. Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a “special military operation” in Ukraine last week and his troops continue to advance through the country. Many world leaders who strongly oppose the unwarranted attack have hit Russia with a number of hard-hitting economic sanctions. On Sunday, Russian airlines were banned from entering most European airspaces and Putin placed Russia’s nuclear forces on “high alert” in response to what he called “aggressive statements” from NATO. Peace talks between Ukrainian and Russian delegations are scheduled to take place on Monday.  – AllSides (read more)

How It Works

Impactree believes in the power of community to make a positive impact in the world. Below we’ve centralized actions that everyone in the United States can take to support safety, self-determination and peace in Ukraine.

Start by completing an action that resonates with you. Step by step – that’s how we make change as individuals and as a community. If you think there are other actions / resources we should include here, email us at [email protected].


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Impactree centralizes actions to make it easy for you to quickly make a positive impact. Pick an action that resonates with you.


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Impactree offers a variety of ways to take action: whether it is an educational video, writing to a representative, or donating to a nonprofit. Find and complete the actions that speak to you.


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