Every new month offers a new opportunity to make a difference in our communities, country and world. It is impossible to predict the future, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to turn on the news every day. At Impactree, we have built our platform to be responsive and up-to-the-date with the most important issues facing the country and world at any given moment, giving you direct, simple ways to take effective, measurable action. The Trending Now Action Page is a place to see how you can make an immediate difference in the world, updated frequently to reflect the most pressing issues arising around the world.

Along with breaking news, this Action Hub is a place to highlight each month’s initiatives, holidays and celebrations. There are thousands of events and traditions which we aim to bring attention to, giving you the opportunity to learn, give and take action on a variety of cultures and the issues they are facing. This page will update in real time to best reflect what is happening in the world, so make sure to check back every few weeks for more exciting, important and influential ways to improve the world around us.

Many websites reflect the topics and news people are currently talking about. However, this can often create echo chambers, which drive division and user anxiety. In fact, the way which social media platforms are built is proven to be conducive to anxiety and a feeling of powerlessness.

At Impactree, we wanted to take a different approach to the Trending Now page. To accomplish this, we built our site to give people a means of directly interacting with what is going on in the world around them in a positive, measurable, direct way. On this page, you will not find fear mongering or hyper-partisanism. Instead, this Action Page serves as a place for knowledge, understanding, and a means to collect and centralize the tools for change, letting anybody with passion and a few minutes make a change in the world.

Every month, we convene to look for new ways for you to take action, listening to experts and popular consensus to find the most impactful, relevant and streamlined actions posible. As we update this Action Page to reflect the changing nature of culture and the world at large, our goal is to make this page a one stop destination for current affairs, turning the 24 hour news cycle into one of doing and action.

Because of the changing nature of the world, we also want to hear from you. As much as we try to follow breaking news and social concerns, we can’t cover everything; which is where you come in. If there is ever any event, celebration, news or cause which you think we should feature, feel free to contact us on social media or at [email protected]. Together we can bring attention and compassion to all parts of the world and society, educating each other while making the world a cleaner, more equitable, better place.

Want to activate and reward your community with an action hub like this?

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