About Impactree

Our Mission

To empower action as the vehicle for change that builds a better future for us all.

About Us

Impactree is a purpose-driven engagement platform that empowers brands to build and measure meaningful impact. We make it easy to engage customers and employees through collective action on all the causes that matter most to them. Our turn-key platform unlocks the power of purpose in one simple hub so you can discover, share, and measure actions that drive positive change in the world.

Impactree is a collection of passionate and hard-working humans dedicated to making it easy for each of us to change the world. We are enthusiastic people helping to turn our platform into the place for meaningful action and collective impact.

At Impactree, we value and require diverse points of view. We are always looking for people to help us tell more stories. Let’s connect at [email protected]

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Impactree Values

Individual Journey, Collective Impact

Whether acting as an individual or part of a team, everyone can be a force for good, with a journey that contributes to a greater purpose; we achieve more together.

Making Action Engaging and Rewarding

At Impactree, we aim to show people how making a difference in the world can be as enjoyable as it is rewarding, empowering changemakers to take action on all the issues they care about – all in one place. 

We Believe in Facts

At a time when just about every issue is polarized and politicized, we believe in the power of data, facts and peer review to guide humanity through uncertain times. 

Listening and Learning

If we make mistakes, we learn from them, we encourage feedback, and we make things better. We stay humble, curious, and keep growing.

Pursuing the Greater Good

We are building a platform that nurtures inclusivity, justice, sustainability and compassion on and offline.

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