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Action Parties

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Help your employees connect with each other, build relationships, and build a purpose-driven, team-oriented company culture. Use virtual parties to let your employees take positive, meaningful action together in a fun, educational, and rewarding way that helps them foster deeper relationships with each other and your company.

What Are Action Parties?

Action Parties are virtual, online events that allow employees from all over the globe to participate together to forge deeper relationships with each other and create meaningful impact.

Action Parties allow your employees to build awareness around local and global challenges, raise funds for charity, and do some good in the world.

Teams will complete virtual impact-oriented actions together, on the themes like Environment, Democracy, Poverty, Racial and Gender Equality, while being able to create their own journeys.

All Action Parties are led by a trained facilitator that will help your team be engaged and excited and have fun together.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Team Bonding: Employees spend time together sharing and learning about their experience and about each other in an increasingly remote work environment

  • Impact: Employees get together and share an experience that leads to making a positive difference in the world

  • Morale: Get your employees together to focus on making a positive difference in our conflicted and turbulent world

  • Employee Loyalty: Build appreciation and loyalty among your employees by enabling them to connect to the issues and causes that they care about.

Action Parties.

What Is Included?

  • Consultation to understand your audience and objectives

  • Marketing kit for employees to promote the event

  • One hour journey guided by an engaging and lively facilitator

  • Customized landing page with information about the event and how to participate

  • Impact report that shows what your employees are passionate about and the impact that they generated during the event

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Action Parties

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