Together, Ben Gleib and Impactree Spark Change!

We’re excited to announce that Ben Gleib, the accomplished stand-up comedian, TV host, commentator, and producer, is working with brand new civic engagement organization Impactree to promote civic action and positive change in the United States.

Meet Ben Gleib

Ben is the host, head writer and executive producer of “Idiotest” on Netflix, and was one of the stars of “Chelsea Lately.” He hosted a social impact show on HLN, and has been a guest contributor or anchor on CNN, ABC News digital, NPR, and The Young Turks. Ben also hosts the podcast Last Week on Earth with Ben Gleib, and the live streaming comedy show Social Distancing Social Club with fellow comedians Steve Hofstetter, Chris Bowers, and Rachel Gallagher. 

His podcast ranked #1 on Stitcher for eight straight weeks, and debuted at #9 on iTunes Comedy. Amidst the onset of the pandemic, Ben also started the Nowhere Comedy Club, the world’s first virtual comedy club.

Having run for the Democratic nomination for President in 2020, Ben is no stranger to politics, and the need for tools to organize and expand civic action. And if there is ever a year – and a decade – that is critically important to deepen our engagement with our democracy, this is it!

Why Ben Uses Impactree

“We are in a crucial moment in the history of our nation and world as a whole. There are so many urgent, existential problems happening all at once, which would seem insurmountable if people weren’t more activated than ever, with more tools to affect change than we have ever had. This is why I’m excited to be working with Impactree. They help you focus on the few actions you can take in just ten minutes a month to affect change over a range of issues. And if you can’t spare ten minutes, you just don’t care at all. May as well wear a green trench coat with writing on the back.”

Ben Gleib

We are so excited that Ben wants to use Impactree’s simple actions and gamified interface to generate collective action within his community. He has selected a variety of actions and will rally his fans to take action to promote a healthy democracy, fight injustice in our society, and empower friends to join the cause. 

To encourage action, Ben is offering a live Zoom meet-and-greet for users who confirm their voter registration before October 27th. Every user who reaches this goal will also receive a free digital copy of Ben’s album, “Live from the Vortex,” recorded in Atlanta and produced by Margaret Cho.

If you’re ready to save the country with Ben, click the action below, then click “Count Me In!” and create an account to accept Ben’s challenge. Once you’re logged in, confirm your voter registration by completing the action “Are You Registered to Vote?”

That’s it! Keep an eye on your email after the challenge deadline for links to Ben’s exclusive content.

To see the other actions that Ben supports, take a look at his Impactree Action Page. Once you complete an action, simply sign up or login to join Ben’s network. Multiply your impact (and your chances for victory) by sharing your favorite actions on social media. Don’t forget to follow @BenGleib on Instagram and Twitter to get the latest updates on new actions and competition announcements.

What are you waiting for? Start taking action with Ben Gleib today!

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