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Take Climate Action Quickly With Climate Reality Project - OC’s New Action Hub


Orange County, California – like many seaside communities – has been projected to be drastically affected by climate change in the coming decades. “For Orange County’s coast, the latest projections forecast an average rise in sea level of more than one foot over the next forty years and four to five feet by the turn of the century.” To ensure the future of Orange County and its residents, it is paramount that climate action be taken now at the local, national and international levels.

Desiring to better spread the word about the importance of addressing the climate crisis in and around Orange County, The Climate Reality Project – OC was founded in 2018 by members of the Los Angeles chapter. Now with over 500 local members, CRP – OC is motivating local change to help make an international impact. Whether it is through public events, education in schools, or working with local cities and businesses to become more eco-friendly, CRP – OC is building public interest, motivation and action around climate change.

Looking for a way to further their outreach and centralize climate action, The Climate Reality Project – OC teamed up with fellow California company Impactree to give their followers and members a place to make a positive environmental impact through simple and shareable actions. Together, CRP – OC and Impactree are building a one-stop shop for environmental justice for any Orange County resident looking to preserve the future of their community and planet.

The Power of Action

Orange County
Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

There are numerous methods and technologies being developed every day to help combat climate change and the practices which enable it. Yet, no one person can steer the trajectory of our changing climate alone. To save our planet, we must all unite our efforts and address the climate crisis from all possible angles.

The Climate Reality Project is built to harness this multifaceted practice, with founder and chairman Al Gore stressing the importance of individual action in making a large impact; “solving the climate crisis is within our grasp, but we need people like you to stand up and act.” CRP – OC took this message to heart, building their chapter around individual outreach and motivation to save our planet.

With the help of Impactree’s customizable and user-friendly platform, The Climate Reality Project – OC can get their campaigns, initiatives and goals in front of thousands of changemakers, simplifying environmental justice by focusing resources in one place. Not only does this make environmentalism easier than ever, but it also lets individuals contribute to a larger impact, adding their voices to a choir of changemakers demanding that climate reform take center stage locally, nationally, and globally.

In the vein of people taking action together, The Climate Reality Project – OC partnered with Chapman University’s Office of Sustainability and Civic Engagement to host an Action Party using the Impactree platform. During the short event, the attendees of the Party took 90 actions to make the world a cleaner, more sustainable place. This event acts as a microcosm of the power of collective action, with individuals coming together to learn about the importance and effects of climate change, taking that knowledge to make their own lives more sustainable and demand the same of businesses and governing bodies.


To continue this momentum, CRP – OC hosted another Action Party at their monthly chapter meetup on Wednesday, June 9, 2021. Over the course of two 10 minute sessions, over 35+ attendees completed and shared 155 actions to improve the planet. 

While there is endless discussion about climate change, action is harder to come by. To reverse the tides of climate change, we must all make our voices heard while focusing our collective efforts on addressing the practices that worsen the rapid changes in our environment. With Impactree, The Climate Reality Project – OC can streamline the means of motivating change, giving Orange County residents the tools to become climate activists.

To learn how you can have an impact on the climate now, check out The Climate Reality Project – OC’s Action Hub on Impactree!

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