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Ways to Do Good This Holiday Season

While the holidays are always seen as a time for being with friends and family, there is traditionally an emphasis on philanthropic ventures; the old adage “a time for giving not just receiving” coloring how many see this time of year. However, this is not just lip service to the idea of doing good, but a measurable reality. Nearly one third (31%) of annual donations are given in December alone, and many projects see their volunteer attendance almost double over the holiday months.

Seeing the social imagery of packed houses filled with food, family and gifts can severely alienate the less fortunate, highlighting what they do not have and making them feel disconnected from their community. Mental health experts have found that most Americans diagnosed with a mental illness feel their condition worsen in some capacity during the holiday season. Because of this – not to mention factors like the winter cold and higher demand from food pantries and homeless shelters – many find themselves driven to use their holiday spirit for good, volunteering and donating in their communities to help the less fortunate have a better holiday experience.

Impactree Can Help You Give Back During The Holidays

Aware of the high volume of individuals wanting to make an impact in celebration of Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa, Impactree has created a curated list of powerful actions to take this December at our Holiday Action Hub. Here you’ll find a variety of causes and means of doing good locally and nationally.

While people have shown a pre-existing desire to do good this time of the year, we at Impactree have decided to sweeten the deal and promote even more action taking. To make this a reality, we have partnered with San Francisco’s Sextant Coffee to offer amazing rewards to all who take action on our Holiday Action Hub. By completing one action on the hub, you will be rewarded with a 40% off coupon to be applied to your next purchase at Sextant Coffee.

Supporting The Less Fortunate In Your Community With The Power of Food

Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

Whether it is specific food items, or just the joy of meeting with friends and family around a loaded dinner table, food is closely tied to the holiday season for many. Because of this close connection, food insecurity becomes even harder for the millions of Americans who face it every year.

The most impactful way to assist the hungry during the holidays is also the simplest: giving food. Food pantries and food drives are prevalent throughout most communities, and serve as the most direct means of feeding your community. However, donations of goods are not the only way to help others. Most food pantries and soup kitchens require in-person volunteers to help put together care packages and pass out food. Similarly, you could volunteer your time with organizations like Meals on Wheels which deliver meals to at-risk communities, which is especially relevant as the pandemic makes it more difficult for the immunocompromised to leave their homes.

Food is very important to people, and not just for its bodily necessity. Food is a way of expressing culture, and helps build relationships and communities. This December, help spread the power of food by volunteering to make certain the hungry are fed.

Gifts As A Means of Doing Good


Whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other wintertime celebrations, the holiday season is seen by many as a time to give and receive gifts. Although we often see gifts as impacting solely the giver and receiver, there are many ways to make gift giving a means of doing good in the world, especially during this time of year. The most obvious way which comes to mind for many is Toys For Tots.

Started in 1947, Toys For Tots is a classic program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve which works to give holiday gifts to children whose parents cannot afford them. By giving children gifts to receive during the holiday season, Toys For Tots helps build a sense of belonging and worth, giving families a sense of normalcy and joy. By sponsoring a child or children through Toys For Tots, you can be a positive influence in the life of a young child. However, the act of gift giving can be a force for good even outside of the volunteership lens.

In correct contexts, commerce can be a means of creating a positive impact in the world. When an individual buys from a company whose products and services support or create positive change, then the customer is by extension adding to the brand’s collective impact. When applying this to holiday shopping, buying presents can be a way for consumers to enact good during their normal December routine.

Finding businesses which use their products to enact positive change comes in many different ways depending on the cause at hand. Numerous food products source their ingredients from sustainable and equitable sources, ensuring that their products do not contribute to climate change, nor reinforce inhumane working conditions.

This practice can also manifest in supporting businesses which are run by and/or benefit underrepresented communities. For instance, purchasing gifts from Black-owned companies supports communities which do not traditionally have the same amount of advertising or market share as larger brands. By patronizing smaller, community, BIPOC businesses, you help build stronger community bonds across the country.

No matter what you (or your gift’s recipient) are passionate about, there are businesses actively using their services and platform to enact positive change. By choosing to purchase from them, you are supporting a positive impact while brightening the holidays of friends and family.

Get Rewards for Doing Good

Doing good has its own reward; the reward of feeling good for making a positive impact on the world. However, with the power of Impactree’s Holidays Action Hub, you can make a positive impact this holiday season while earning fantastic rewards. As mentioned above, by completing only one action you’ll receive 40% off your next order from San Francisco’s premier coffee roaster, Sextant Coffee. This December, earn rewards for helping out your community.

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