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Rooted in Action: VotePlus10 is Now Impactree

Introducing Impactree

For over a year we have been VotePlus10, and we are very proud of our successes under that moniker. In the beginning of 2020, our main priority was engaging potential voters to perform their civic duty at the ballot box. To this end we had fantastic results, committing over 2,000 voters in the 2020 election and rallying our communities to take over 17,000 actions to fight for a better democracy.

But 2020 was more than just a tumultuous election year. It was marked by social unrest and demands for change: Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, wildfires around the world, income inequality, and an inadequate Coronavirus response. All of these brought into clear focus how much must be done to unify our country and our planet, and how we as a company can help.

We realized that voting (and encouraging others to vote) is merely one component in a tapestry of civic duties. We decided that there is no better way to usher in the hope of a new year than with a new name; one that does not pigeonhole us into “voting, plus more,” but rather gives us room to grow into an ecosystem of sustained actions for the greater good of us all.

After much deliberation, we knew our new name had to represent our desire to unify people and our dedication to positive change. For inspiration we looked to nature, to see what in the world around us might reflect our mission. We looked at bees, grass, seeds, and eggs. But then one idea stuck out above the rest: trees. Trees help each other (even across species), they anchor entire ecosystems from soil to canopy to the sky, and provide balance and harmony to life on earth. It was with that idea that our new name was solidified. With that, we are thrilled to reintroduce ourselves as Impactree.

Believing in Change

Our founders Jarrod and Ken created VotePlus10 to combat apathy and challenge the notion that individuals cannot make a substantial difference in the world. This first was focused around voting, but Jarrod and Ken always had bigger plans for the company. Now as Impactree, we are using our platform to motivate change in all facets of life, and bring people together in the name of good.

While we still believe in the power of voting, we see how much wider our impact can be. Using what we have built, we have retooled our platform to now serve as a one-stop-shop for positive actions of all kinds. Now our ability to enact change is wide-sweeping, offering our community the tools to grow positive impact.

Looking forward, our goals are to strengthen our platform to be the most powerful, inclusive, and fun place for civic action. We know that with a little motivation and a few minutes to spare, everyday people can change the world.

Businesses Want to Do Good, Too

More and more, consumers are looking to businesses to help better the world; to not only talk about changing the world, but to be that change. We too believe in the power of socially responsible businesses, and view them as a central role in building an ever more empowered, conscientious, just society; and we are devoted to helping them.

Businesses have the opportunity to multiply their impact by harnessing the collective action of their communities of employees and customers, allowing people to vote for the future they want everyday, not only with their dollars but also with their actions. We are here to unlock that potential, and give companies the tools to motivate, educate and excite their communities to make the world a better place.

We offer a simple platform to build a sense of collective accomplishment among employees and customers. Now companies can live their purpose with meaningful, measurable action.

Our Future

With a new year ahead, everyone is hoping to return to some semblance of normalcy. But for us, the past year has only strengthened our resolve to facilitate change and inspire collective action. The events of 2020 exacerbated long-standing issues – economic inequality, systemic racism, police brutality, lack of affordable healthcare, devastation wrought by climate change – and we are here in the new year to provide an ecosystem that helps people make a sustained impact on the issues they care about. This defining year and decade require it.

We welcome you to our new chapter as Impactree, and invite you to remember we achieve more, together!

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