IssueVoter: Impactree’s Latest Integrated Solution

Use IssueVoter to contact your representatives straight from Impactree!

The Impactree team is excited to announce our partnership with IssueVoter, a powerful tool for contacting your elected officials.

We know we need to talk to our representatives about important issues, but keeping up with bills and legislation isn’t easy. That’s why IssueVoter does the hard work for you. Simply create your account and list which issues are your top concerns.

The next time Congress gets ready to vote on something important to you, IssueVoter will send you an alert. When you get it, all you have to do is mark whether you support or oppose the legislation (really, that’s it). After you vote, they send your response to your representative, so they know exactly where you stand before they make their decision.

After your rep votes, your personal scorecard is automatically updated. Each of your representatives receives a grade based on what they’ve done to support the issues you care about. This enables you to quickly and easily determine whether your rep has your back. If they do, you know who to re-elect. If they don’t, you know it’s time to vote for someone new.

“Partnering with the Impactree team has been a wonderful experience. Impactree is such an invaluable tool for every voter, and we are thrilled to incorporate IssueVoter into their platform, ensuring that democracy is easy and accessible for everyone.”

Maria Yuan

Founder, IssueVoter

To get started, just click on the action below, or search for it on the Impactree actions tab!

To learn more about IssueVoter, visit their website. If you see an issue that you think belongs on Impactree, let us know!

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