Steve Hofstetter uses Impactree

Steve Hofstetter is Using Impactree to Engage and Motivate

Impactree is proud to announce our partnership with Steve Hofstetter, a talented stand-up comedian and YouTube phenomenon, in an effort to raise awareness on key issues such as voting, the 2020 election, COVID-19, climate change, education, and more.

Meet Steve Hofstetter

Steve has over a million followers on social media and his videos have been viewed over half a billion times. In some of his videos he stands up to hecklers and challenges injustices within our society. In addition to his social media platform he regularly sells out theaters and clubs around the world. Steve owns and operates the longstanding live performance production company Comedy Juice and recently teamed up with Ben Gleib (also on Impactree) to launch Nowhere Comedy Club, a virtual live performance platform that promotes and produces comedy shows around the world.

Amidst the onset of the pandemic, Steve also started The Social Distancing Social Club with Gleib, Chris Bowers, and Rachel Gallagher. 

In a time of unprecedented uncertainty and desperate need for sustained civic action, those who are in the spotlight are using their voices to advocate for change. Steve and others are rallying their communities to take collective action. By partnering with Impactree, Steve is leveraging his platform to encourage his fans to take action.

Why Steve Uses Impactree

“Right now things are a mess. In the same way your room is a mess when you clean out your closet. We have two choices – leave clothes all over the floor, or find a place for everything. Impactree is helping us organize.”

Steve Hofstetter

Impactree is super excited that Steve wants to share Impactree with his fanbase. Steve has selected an array of simple actions to bring together his fans to fight voter suppression, injustice and much more!

Steve is incredibly passionate about ensuring quality education and we will be adding more actions on this front to help everyone in America take action to improve our education system for this and future generations of youth and life-long learners.

Impactree is extremely proud to partner with Steve Hofstetter to promote civic engagement. If you would like to join Steve in making an impact across the country, simply click on the action above. You can also boost his mission by sharing his actions on social media, and following him on Instagram and Twitter.

The time is now! Start taking action with Steve today!

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