Impactree Solutions For Groups

Empowering your organization, campaign, employees, members and stakeholders to drive your mission and make an impact in our democracy!

Impactree Group Benefits

Delivering the results you really want

We'll work with you to create calls to action, custom branding, communications, tracking, and much more -- all to maximize the impact of your network and your brand.

Grow Your Network

With Impactree's integrated sharing and attribution features, your network will become your most trusted resource for growing your audience and maximizing your impact.

Track Your Network's Impact

Want to measure the impact your organization has on democracy? With Impactree, you now have the data right at your fingertips.

Group Leaderboard

See in real time which members of your organization are most active, and which tools prove most successful at spurring your members to take action.

Quick and Easy to Setup

Give your organization and stakeholders a straightforward tool that promotes engagement and requires no setup or training -- it really is that simple.

Excellent Support

The Impactree team will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your organization and your stakeholders get the most out of Impactree.

Manage Your Network

Your organization will have its own profile, network, administration functionality, and referral urls, enabling you to:
  • Track key metrics to understand total impact
  • Create campaigns and unique calls to action
  • Utilize basic user information to effectively target your messaging
  • Reward active members with prizes and exclusive competitions
  • Communicate with your entire network
"Getting friends and family engaged in the political process is the single most effective way for individuals to influence the outcome of the November elections. Impactree provides an easy and impactful way for our members to participate in this influential approach to winning back our democracy."
Susan Morgan
Indivisible Marin
“Impactree motivates young voters not through divisive rhetoric, but rather, through encouragement to make a positive change, something that is hard to come by today. Fostering productive democratic participation on college campuses is crucial in this political climate, and Impactree is a great tool for achieving this.”
Sean Freeder
Assistant Professor, University of North Florida
Partnering with the Impactree team has been a wonderful experience. Impactree platform is such an invaluable tool for every voter and we are thrilled to incorporate IssueVoter into the Impactree platform and ensure that democracy is easy and accessible for everyone.
Maria Yuan
CEO, IssueVoter
"I've been involved in community engagement nearly 20 years. I'm really impressed with Impactree's unique approach to democratic engagement. They really are making it fun, easy, and impactful!
Dale McGrew
Dale McGrew
Co-Founder of WeVote

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