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6 Nonprofits Helping Make the World a Better Place

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Every year, Americans give more than $400 billion to charities and nonprofit organizations. In studies from the National Institutes of Health, it has been found that “when people give to charities, it activates regions of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust, creating a ‘warm glow’ effect.” We all have a natural desire to do good and give back to our communities because our brains are hardwired to reward us for doing so. For many, nonprofit organizations are some of the best and simplest ways to do some good in the world. But you may be asking yourself, “what nonprofits should I donate to?”

In the realm of nonprofits, there are countless organizations which are effectively addressing countless issues in our world. So much so that it can all become overwhelming. With Nonprofit Day being August 17th, we’ve decided to highlight a few of our favorite nonprofits. This time, we’re shining a light on nonprofits working toward racial justice and finding climate solutions. Hopefully one of these nonprofits inspires you to make a difference in your community, country and world today.

Photo by Sean Lee on Unsplash

Discrepancies in the leadership of major corporations has become a common topic of discussion in recent years. However, the same has also been found in leadership in nonprofits, with roughly 87 percent of all executive directors or presidents being White. This, coupled with rising concerns over racial inequality in America, has increased demand for BIPOC-led nonprofits addressing racial inequality in the United States and abroad.

There is no one way to remedy inequality in America, which is why we are highlighting three different racial justice nonprofits which all address the issue from a multitude of directions. Find ways to make our country more fair and just with these nonprofits.

Color Of Change

Color of Change

Started in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Color Of Change is a nonprofit aimed at education and motivation around racial inequality and oppression. From police brutality, to the portrayal of Black Americans in the media and criminal justice advocacy, Color Of Change is aiming to address injustice from all angles, motivating their supporters to do the same.

With their multifaceted approach, Color Of Change is working to not only reform the laws which oppress Black Americans, but also the social systems which feed oppression. Join them in re-contextualizing Black people in American culture and law by donating, campaigning or volunteering. 

Click here to discover how Color Of Change is using Impactree to demand racial justice in this country.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Acting as a hashtag, a rallying cry, and an organized nonprofit, Black Lives Matter has been a defining movement and ideology in the latter half of the 2010’s. Motivated in response to continued police brutality and racial discrimination, Black Lives Matter has signaled a change in the public perception of injustice in the United States and abroad: that people are not going to accept inequality and racial motivated violence anymore.

Although Black Lives Matter functions as a motto, the nonprofit itself is working to address racial inequalities through a variety of means. Whether it’s hashtag activism, in-person protesting, or resources for pragmatically finding solutions to rebuild systems which disproportionately target Black Americans, Black Lives Matter has a way for everyone to call for an end to systemic racism in our country.

Stop Asian Hate

The rise in Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) hate crimes during the pandemic has made many Americans reevaluate how AAPI are treated in this country. In fact, one study found that a majority of Americans are not satisfied with how the country is treating Asian Americans and immigrants in general.

In this era of elevated AAPI hate crimes, #StopAsianHate has become a motto for an end to anti-Asian rhetoric and behavior. The nonprofit of the same name is working tirelessly to defend and strengthen AAPI rights, by providing Asian Americans with resources to report hate, defend themselves, and how to be a proactive bystander. Learn how you can support their life saving work.

Photo by Thomas Richter on Unsplash

Climate change is a major issue on the mind of most Americans. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all Americans believe that the government should take more actions to address the current climate crisis. However, in what ways can we influence our government to take the climate more seriously?

The democratic process is the main way for citizens to make a difference over our governing bodies, which means political campaigning and voting are some of the best means of creating governmental climate action. With this in mind, we’ve decided to highlight nonprofits which work within the system, motivating voters and politicians to value our climate, understand how it is changing, and create pathways for real action to save it.

Environmental Voter Project

EVP Logo

The goal of the Environmental Voter Project (EVP) is simple: to motivate environmentalists to get out to the ballets. With studies finding a majority of self-proclaimed environmentalists do not vote, EVP has found the democratic process as an underused pathway to climate reform.

By registering and motivating environmentalist voters, EVP is mobilizing millions of voters to go to the polls with climate change in mind. If we never voice our concerns to those in power, then wide scale climate reform will never become reality.

Click here to discover how EVP is using Impactree to motivate environmentalism in the democratic process.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby


Every year, the oil and gas industry spends over $200 million dollars lobbying politicians to block climate change policies and reform. This greatly dwarfs the lobbying efforts of climate reform groups, who have to compete with billion dollar oil and gas companies actively targeting climate reform laws. At this crucial point in the modern climate crisis, we must support pro-climate lobbyist groups to ensure that climate change action be codified in law and practice.

One of the largest climate lobbyists groups is the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, who work tirelessly to get the people’s call for climate reform to those writing and passing laws in our country. Whether through a donation or volunteering, Citizens’ Climate Lobby is always looking for engaged people to help them guarantee a greener, sustainable future.

Climate Reality Project

Addressing climate change on a national and global level is crucial to a sustainable future. However, oftentimes national change can grow from the innovations and policies of local communities and governments. This approach is being harnessed by Climate Reality Project, who are creating a national alliance of local climate leaders.

With this structure, Climate Reality Project is able to address climate issues on a smaller scale, focusing on the issues which affect local communities while assisting in the creation of innovative solutions. Whether you’re looking to become a climate leader, or simply want to help your community adapt and address climate change, supporting your local Climate Reality Project chapter is one of the best options available.

Finding the Right Nonprofit for You

People giving

There are over 1.3 million 501(c) organizations in America, employing around 10% of the population. In terms of giving money and volunteering, there is no shortage of amazing organizations which serve the many issues facing our communities and planets. But supporting a nonprofit is not just doing something good; it’s an expression of your identity, beliefs, and your own ideas on how the world can be a better place.

We hope you have found a new organization to give to, or have been reminded of a favorite. If you’re interested in more ways to make an impact on the issues you care about – along with ways to support the many organizations addressing said issues – create an account of Impactree and begin your impact journey today.

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