VotePlus10 is now Impactree
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Pursuing the Greater Good, Together!

VotePlus10 is now Impactree

An Introduction

After the 2020 election, it is fair to say we all wanted to focus on something else. There are so many disparate issues in the world which need addressing, yet it felt like we could only think about who would be president. We at Impactree felt the same way: election fatigued. We had great results in getting people motivated to vote and voice their opinions in the democratic process, but we also wanted to zoom out and address the many issues facing our country and world.

With the dawn of 2021, we decided to refine and reorganize our approach and brand identity, focusing on maximizing the impact we and our community of changemakers can have. This is reflected in our stripped down mission statement: to empower action as the vehicle for change that builds a better future.

We’re looking to the future; not just as a company, but as a collective of passionate action takers. We want a just, clean and equitable world, and we are putting in the work to make that a reality. Our amazing staff have made Impactree the strongest, most robust social engagement platform around, and we’re thrilled to tell you about our commitment to action!

Rooted In Action

We were built as an antidote to apathy, the feeling that one person couldn’t make an impact in your world. We knew every person had the ability to change the world, but finding the resources to enact that change was a different story. There is a deeply human desire to do good for others, but doing so in a direct, meaningful way is challenging. That’s why we say we are rooted in action: we’re building an ecosystem of changemakers by curating fun, simple and impactful actions all in one place.

Action is in our DNA, and it’s our ultimate goal. We don’t run ads or work with unethical sponsors. To us, the greatest achievement is to make it easy for everyday people to have a sustainable impact in the world. To make this a reality, we offer our platform partners members highly dynamic and powerful turnkey solutions, making real change take only minutes.

Individual Journey, Collective Impact

We are all shaped by our lived experiences, and therefore find importance in different things. So why not nurture those differences to bring us all closer together? At Impactree, we have built our platform to reflect your passions as an individual human being. Some organizations focus on one issue, and that can be great. But our goal is to create a place that nurtures personalized impact journeys, allowing you to make a difference in the way you want.

The best part? By following your own beliefs, you’re making a larger impact with other like-minded changemakers across the country. Even though you are enacting change by yourself, you are not alone on Impactree. Thousands of changemakers can work together to make a powerful impact in the world.

Impactree Desktop View

Making Action Fun

Changing the world is hard work. We know how difficult it can be to find ways to make a change, let alone following through with them. So we asked ourselves a question: can changing the world be fun? The answer we came to was a resounding yes!, but how can we convince the rest of the world?

When building our platform, we looked to our contemporaries to see how other tech companies motivate people. We wanted to capture the endorphin rush of social media platforms, while stripping away their divisiveness and addictiveness. We achieved this by streamlining the action taking process, continuously refining our actions to make them as simple, powerful, and fun as possible. When completing actions, changemakers earn points for doing good, and can participate with family and friends to create collective impact.

We all want to make a difference in the world, yet the prospect can be quite daunting: what can I really do? With Impactree, we aim to change that perception, showing people how making a difference can be as enjoyable as it is rewarding.

Listening and Learning

No one is perfect, and that’s especially true for us. We’re working as hard as possible to find the most impactful and relevant actions around, but we’re not ignorant of our own shortcomings. Instead of ignoring or defending them, we embrace our mistakes, and see them as an essential part of the learning process.

The world changes at a rapid pace, and as a socially conscious company, it is our responsibility to keep up; which means we need your input. Not only do we listen to critiques, we encourage them! Our goal is to provide a place for people to make a positive change in the world, which means we need to reflect current ideas and concerns. It is because of this that we vow to always listen to our changemakers in order to continue growing as a company.

Achieving More Together

2020 was a year marked by a myriad of issues pushed to the surface by the adverse effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. And while the election was monumental, we feel that now is the time to dig in and create real, sustainable change.

Looking forward, we want Impactree to encompass even more than it currently does. We are on a mission to expand globally, enabling accessible action all around the world. We also look to dramatically grow our base of changemakers, aiming to have 10 million users and 100 million completed actions by 2025.

If 2020 made anything apparent, it is that everything can change in a matter of months. We never know what will happen next in the world, but it is our primary goal for 2021 and onward to always have current and adaptive actions which let everyone make an impact, today!

 ‒The Impactree Team

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