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5 Influencers Who Are Changing Our World for the Better

Photo by Diggity Marketing

The modern equivalent of “With great power comes great responsibility” would be “With great influence comes great responsibility”. From the Tweeter-in-Chief to the indubitably more modest Maria Conde, social media influencers are the new icons of the Internet.

An influencer is more than just an influential person. They are someone with a substantial following on social media who has the power to persuade broad segments of the population. With the influencer marketing industry set to grow to some $15B by 2022, these personages of the social media ecosystem hold huge sway over their followers. From Tik Tok collab houses to Selenators, influencers can have an enormous impact on their followers.

Influencer marketing growth has increased year over year from 2016 to 2020
Image from Influencer Marketing Hub

Most influencers use their perch to sell products or win promotional contracts. But more and more acknowledge the power they possess and choose to channel it through civic engagement and social good.

In a time of unprecedented uncertainty and sincere need for sustained civic, social, and environmental action, influencers like comedian Steve Hofstetter and actor/producer Alysia Reiner are using Impactree to advocate for change by rallying their communities to take collective action.

Impactree is working closely with influencers to not only spread awareness of the causes they care about, but to give people something they can do about it. Impactree’s peer-to-peer platform allows these 5 influencers to go beyond their following by tapping into each of their followers’ networks. Just like that, Impactree becomes an influencer’s net multiplier for good.

On his Instagram bio, Steve Hofstetter describes himself as “human first, comedian second.” In  his online videos, he often stands up to hecklers and challenges injustices within our society. In addition to his social media platform, he regularly sells out theaters and clubs around the world.

Steve owns and operates the longstanding live performance production company Comedy Juice and recently teamed up with Ben Gleib to launch Nowhere Comedy Club, a virtual live performance platform that promotes and produces comedy shows around the world.

Amidst the onset of the pandemic, Steve also started The Social Distancing Social Club, which he co-hosts with Gleib, Chris Bowers, and Rachel Gallagher. The crew hosts and interviews other comedians and celebrities to bring much needed social interaction and comic relief while many comedy clubs are still closed.

We are super excited that Steve wants to share Impactree with his ever-growing fanbase in an effort to raise awareness on key issues such as voting, the 2020 election, COVID-19, climate change, education, and more. Steve has selected an array of simple actions to bring together his fans to fight voter suppression, racial injustice and much more!

In Steve’s own words,

“Right now things are a mess. In the same way your room is a mess when you clean out your closet. We have two choices – leave clothes all over the floor, or find a place for everything. Impactree is helping us organize.”

Impactree is proud to promote civic engagement with Steve Hofstetter. If you would like to join Steve in making an impact across the country, simply click on the action above or check out his Action Hub. You can also boost Steve’s mission by sharing his select actions on social media, and by following him on Instagram and Twitter.

2. Runa Lucienne

Model, activist, and mixed media artist Runa Lucienne is using Impactree to rally her fan base around addressing systemic racism. Of Runa’s three self-identified virtues  joy, excellence, and spirit of service – she says, 

“I most identify with the spirit of service. Matthew 23:11 says ‘The greatest among you must be a servant,’ meaning the spirit of service is fundamental to leadership.” 

Runa includes a biblical verse in almost every social media post, and her dedication to service has roots in her Christian faith.

Runa is not just focused on fashion and beauty. As a college student, she demonstrated her mental prowess as a NASA engineering intern. As an entrepreneur, she says, “I’ve learned the greatest lessons outside of the classroom, therefore, I choose to maximize my spare time by volunteering with various organizations.” Impactree enables Runa to amplify her work with multiple organizations at once by exponentially increasing their actions with her army of devotees.

Runa challenges each of her followers to get 5 friends to commit to vote on Impactree by Friday, October 2nd. Her “thank you” for your civic engagement? An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at one of her photo shoots.

3. Alysia Reiner

Alysia Reiner, the actor, activist and self-described eco-mom who played Warden “Fig” Figueroa in Orange Is the New Black, in which she won a SAG award for her role, is using Impactree to spur national action for a better future. Her work on the show inspired her to become a tireless activist for incarcerated and formerly-incarcerated people, as well as for undocumented Americans.

A warrior for democracy, social justice, gender equality, climate change and more, Reiner empowers her fans, followers, and community through her Impactree action hub. There you can find actions like demanding accountability from the mayor of Waycross, Georgia, where two police officers fired into a car of Black children during a traffic stop. Or, her followers can use Reiner’s action hub to volunteer with Fair Fight, an organization founded by Stacey Abrams to end voter suppression in Georgia.

“We have less than 100 days till the election, and we all have to do everything we can to get as many people activated and voting as possible! Impactree makes it easy and fun and I love generating positive change with them.”

Alysia Reiner

To see the full list of Alysia’s actions, take a look at her Impactree Action Hub. Once you complete an action, simply sign up or login to join Alysia’s network. Multiply your impact by sharing your favorite actions on social media. Don’t forget to follow Alysia Reiner on Instagram and Twitter to get the latest updates on new actions and competition announcements.

To incentivize her followers with more good karma gained from taking actions, Reiner challenges her followers to get 5 friends to commit to vote before November 4th.

4. Natalie Roy

Actor, activist, and “activated” audition and life coach Natalie Roy is out to make the world a better place, one person at a time. Impactree is honored to help her with that mission. Roy, who played lawyer Hannah Levy on Law and Order: SVU, is using her real-world wits to create collective action using Impactree.

As a life and acting coach, Natalie offers everything from helping individuals live their fullest life, to helping aspiring actors prepare for that big audition, to communing with fellow artists to cultivate their inner rebel.

In all her roles, Natalie’s mission is to make the world and our experience of it as human beings better. Her challenge to her followers is simple: take action with her on Impactree. In exchange, Roy will send her group members a private message and share exclusive digital content! To start taking action with Natalie, visit her Impactree Action Hub, and make sure to follow her on Instagram.

5. Role Models Management

Role Models Management describes itself as “an agency that puts ethics, sustainability, environmental, and social justice at the core of our business”. Role Models™ aspires to foster models who are knowledgeable about the modeling industry and can use their place in pop culture to become change agents for a better tomorrow.

As Role Models™ defines it:

A ‘Role Model’ is anyone who has the ability to be a positive influence in the world and who wishes to inspire others through their work, activism, social media, and other platforms.

This alignment with the mission behind Impactree makes for a perfect use case of our platform. Role Models™ aims to work with brands and clients that are making an effort to drive positive change within the industry by being socially & environmentally responsible, innovative, and cruelty free.

Role Models Management is offering a unique opportunity to meet its founders to learn more about the modeling industry. Just get to Level 2 on Impactree (which takes less than 5 minutes) and register and commit to vote to receive an invite to this exclusive event. You can also check out their Impactree Action Hub to find more great ways to make a difference!

Influence Your Influencer

The influencer gig is a positive feedback loop: when you show an interest in their content, they’re going to make more of it. Your actions on Impactree tell your favorite influencer what matters most to you, and this drives their future actions. By taking up an influencer’s challenge, you have a special opportunity to engage with them in new and authentic ways. Make sure to join your favorite influencers’ Impactree groups and start taking action today!

If you know an influencer interested in leveraging their power for good by creating their own Action Hub with Impactree, please contact

You can influence positive change in 60 min or less.
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